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We humbly request you all to donate a part of your earnings for the charity of these children. These children shall bless you from the core of their heart. You can help out these blind children in various ways as under:

1. By becoming monthly donor.

You can arrange for a feast of these children on any one auspicious day when you celebrate birthday of your children, relatives, marriage anniversary and anniversary of you elders by contributing an amount of 1100/- (Simple Food) and 2100/- (Special Food). You can book in advance a date for one time, more or life time.


You can donate according to your will any of various goods like Floor, Rice, Pulses(Arhar, Moong Dhuli, Moong Chilka, Rajma, Chole), Sugar, Tea Leaves, Spices(Red-chilliy, Dhaniya, Turmeric, Zeera, etc.), Tooth paste, Refined oil, Ghee, Washing Soap, Bathing Soap, and new cloths for children.


Taking Responsibility of any one child estimated cost for sponsorship of one child is Rs.1000/- monthly.


By enrol yourself as member of the society. The subscription for trustee membership is Rs.21000/- ans life membership is Rs. 5100/-.

6. By purchasing the Aggarbatti made by blind children.

Donate generously to the society so that we may put your well earned money to help these children. You may donate in cash, materials, sponsorships. Please click here to download the donation form and fill and send the form to us along with your donation.

Sponsor a one time meal on the occasion of your child' s birthday, anniversary, accomplishment of task, remembrance of loved ones. You may sponsor the meal for a single date or if you wish, you can sponsor it on the special date every year. Please click here to download the Meal Sponsorship form.


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